The Humanity Hub

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 Being an activist means:
    Viewing the world in a way that you would like it to be, and living the rest of your life within that process of change.

We have been involved in advocating for the homeless community on many levels. My attention to the problem came at very young age, but I didn't really see the level of suffering until I became involved in the Occupy movement, and saw the homeless community gravitating to the parks where the occupation was taking place. As the numbers flowed into the camp, the more free medical care and food was distributed, but more than anything, we provided a safe place for them to sleep at nights where they would not be robbed, beaten, murdered or arrested by police.
After loosing my home church in an illegal foreclosure, it was the movement that exposed how they did it to us. Over time and a series of cascading events my life was being aimed at my passion, helping the homeless. In order for me to understand the issues and exactly what was happening to them, I decided to live with them on the streets in front of city hall and listen to their stories.  With that in mind, That's how we became the experts in the field, and we are seeing a growing trend in criminalizing the poor and destitute throughout the entire country. This has become a main focus of ours because the erosion of our constitutional rights are being infringed on at every level in America. And the poor are the least able to defend themselves..SO WE MUST HELP.

Our Goal

We have seen over many years, that the basic needs for anyone suffering from being houseless are what we take for granted everyday. Showers, laundry, sleep, healthy food and temporary storage are primary needs that keep every single one of us alive and able to be mobile. So, we need to grow to a point where we can create small neighborhood resource hubs within reach of people. Our ultimate goal, is to create Eco-Villages for communal living.  Some people visualize huge "shanty towns" when they think about "homelessness". We want to visualize Living Spaces that are nothing more than scaled down versions of existing homes. Which sit on a self sustaining farm and provide a potential hiring pool and artisan atmosphere for the rest of the community. The village can host a camp ground for travelers and visitors (to absorb the homeless population on downtown streets) and feed needy families in the neighborhood.
  Inside one of the spaces, will be computers for job searches, building resume's, and contacting families. Laundry facilities and showers will help maintain the proper appearances for job interviews and storage lockers can give people a place to store their backpacks, so they are not weighted down by them for work. Also, it could provide a meeting place for outreach workers and mental health case workers to connect with clientele. Rather than have to go under bridges and wooded areas in search for them. We seek to become involved in supporting many other projects that are now blooming from the ideas of "Tiny Homes" and "Shipping Containers".
  These simple luxuries are the key ingredients to being able to access resources and get off the streets. Many people just need to have a simple base of operation and an address to climb out of the bottoms of their life. There is no other way to affect this change without community involvement and thinking outside of their comfort zones. Cleaning up the mess that continues to be created by the loss of homes and jobs throughout our entire world will not be pretty at first, but we can start now and do our very best, which is all we can do. but we must start now!

Though we are a non profit, we are a 501 c4 and being such cannot offer tax advantages.

Will you share this dream with us?

Enjoy the slideshow of tiny homes that will be constructed within our Eco-villages.
January 17th in front of Portland City Hall after marching from Sisters of the Road Cafe'.
Confronting City Hall .. Stop the homeless sweeps, and stop taking away the only possessions people have to survive.