The Humanity Hub

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Living our lives the way we want our world to be.

I had given away all of my possessions and on March 1st 2013, I set out onto the streets of Portland Oregon to live out a one year commitment as a homeless person. For all intensive purposes I actually was going through a series of cascading events in that direction. So I took advantage of the opportunity to learn just exactly what the discarded souls of our society was experiencing. After two years, with the final nine months of it, sleeping on a sidewalk, I was assaulted three times, experienced malnutrition, and sleep deprivation; What I learned completely changed the picture I used to get in my head when I heard the word "homeless". The level of which some peoples lives have been so broken has amazed me. It doesn't take long before you see a level of savagery that you never thought existed. Many of the houseless today are hidden as couchsurfers or are living in peoples basements or with relatives and cars. And it has been the illegal foreclosures that have added huge numbers to the homeless population, with no end in sight.  Now, I can't help but dedicate my life to helping all that I can, with everything I can get to do it with. So, I created this non profit to help fund a way to maintain communications, and purchase items not donated. Periodically I transmit a stream channel of events to show you at home what your money is doing or I conduct interviews so people can tell their story. In 2012 there were 42 deaths on the streets, in 2013 there were 54 deaths; Today we are just now getting the numbers, we hope and pray that the number hasn't grown. We will be needing your help, and we need to keep the spirit of community growing. We allow ourselves to be held fully accountable by our supporters. I didn't start this organization to profit, it was designed to put itself out of business one day. If a day ever comes when we will not need money, we welcome that day. Until then, we use everything we can to stop the senseless deaths. This nonprofit is yours after all, take good care of it.

"The houseless have become the collateral damage of greed and consistent pillaging of the poor"


We are an all volunteer group of people providing a community supported service, bringing the basic needs to the homeless in Love.

Our Mission:
"Working to change the policies that are an absolute abuse of power over the absolute needs for human life", and being the change we want to our world to be.

  As a part of our community we have taken steps to help the homeless, by supplying basic needs to those that are left out of the shelters to wander the streets. We can give them warm clothing, blankets, bedding, and help provide them with a safe place to sleep.
We are striving to help with personal laundry access in order to prevent body lice and ticks. Hygiene supply's are always a need, along with blankets and good clean sleeping bags. But it will take YOUR help for us to achieve that.
We know that there many of you that want to become involved but due to your job or commitments, you cannot. So you look for somebody that actually have their feet on the ground doing the work before you donate your hard earned money. We can actually assure you that we have our hands to the plow. It would only take a very small donation about the price of a gourmet coffee from a few hundred people to create a solution to the homeless problems. If money is still to hard to come by, the list below contains just about everything that a person needs to survive in very harsh weather conditions. Donating any of these items are greatly needed and appreciated.

Other needs:
Sleeping bags
Hand and Toe Warmers
Stocking Caps/ Warm Hats
Long Johns
Tooth Brushes&Tooth Paste
Duct Tape
Rain Gear